Event Strategies, Inc.
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What We Do



Drawing on our creative skills, technical expertise, and years of experience, we collaborate with our clients to develop every event's message, look and feel, and expected return on investment.  


If the news media can't properly cover your event, your ability to communicate your message will be severely compromised. ESI helps design and execute your event with your earned media goals in mind. Having done countless events with local, regional, national, and international press coverage, we know exactly what reporters need to cover your event effectively and in the most positive light. This includes setting up shots to highlight any desired branding, providing press risers and other technical support equipment, etc.

Stage management

On game day, there's no room for anxiety or backstage chaos. Having produced hundreds of events, our experienced team expertly executes the run of show. They choreograph any stage movements, make any necessary announcements, and generally help to keep everyone calm and happy.


How you say something is often as important as what you're saying. We specialize in producing compelling backdrops and stage sets that help our clients effectively convey their message.  


We work closely with our clients to develop a detailed line-by-line run of show for every event. The run of show lists every cue for audio, video, lighting, event speakers, etc. and details who is responsible for each action. It is the blueprint for a successful event.


ESI is one of the few event management and production companies that owns its own audio-visual equipment. This translates into consistency, reliability, and cost savings for our clients. Our in-house array of top-notch equipment (speakers, mixers, projectors, lighting, power, etc.) can cover the needs of events large and small.


Where We Do It



Meetings, conferences, and conventions are often the public centerpiece of companies, non-profits, and government agencies alike. ESI recognizes the importance of well-choreographed, logistically sound, message-driven conference events. Our highly dedicated and experienced team will manage every facet of your conference and produce a well-executed event.


With over 20 years of presidential campaign experience, ESI can produce any political event of any size in any location at even a moment's notice.  From the smallest Iowa off-the-record event to the largest rallies in key battleground states, ESI has done it all. ESI can also hire, staff, and train advance teams and manage the day-to-day administrative responsibilities of running a large advance operation. 

launch events/premieres

You only get one chance to make a first impression, whether it's a new product, store opening, or anything else. Given that, it's vitally important to do it right.  ESI can help you design your event to create the biggest impact possible (e.g., the right visuals to generate the best earned media).

Press Conferences

People rarely need to produce a press conference, but when they do, it's critical that they get it right. With years of experience producing press conferences for corporate executives, political leaders, and others, ESI will make sure your press conference is a professionally executed.


In today's marketplace, competition is fierce. Sometimes you've got to hit the pavement and take your show on the road - literally. ESI can design and build a mobile interactive touring exhibit, staff the exhibit with qualified spokespeople, and make certain that all necessary details are properly executed, ensuring that your message is widely seen and heard.


ESI knows that every event is unique, but events generally share a common goal: to communicate a message that lingers long after everyone has vacated the venue. Whether it's a concert, awards dinner, or anything else, ESI works hard to ensure that your special event has the impact you want and creates the memories you hoped for.